Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An, Vietnam: Everything You Need To Know

The Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An

Searching for a slice of Hoi An’s nightlife? Well you’re definitely not alone. Many travellers, myself included, are on the hunt for experiences that break away from the typical tourist fare and offer something genuinely memorable.

Lucky for us, there’s an answer to our call – the Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An. It stands out as a beacon of fun for backpackers who crave not only refreshing (boooooozy) drinks but also unforgettable adventures.

Having navigated through numerous options in search of that perfect night out, I stumbled upon this treasure, and I’m here to tell you that it’s well worth it.

This post is your personal guide into diving headfirst into this legendary crawl; covering everything from costs and reservations to what kind of exhilarating escapades await you. Ready to dive in? <- This is a pun because they have a pool at the hostel.

Key Takeaways

If you’re lazy or drunk, just read this!

  • Join the Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An for a lively night out, exploring the best bars between the UNESCO old town and beautiful beaches. With free shots and transportation by bus included, it’s a great way to dive into Vietnam’s vibrant nightlife.
  • The pub crawl is not only about drinking; it’s an opportunity to meet backpackers from around the world. Wear your Mad Monkey singlet to easily connect with fellow participants as you hop from one hot spot to another, creating lasting memories.
  • Booking your place on the crawl is easy through the Mad Monkey website, costing around $10 USD per person. This fee covers all transportation between bars, free shots at each location, and exclusive deals back at Mad Monkey Hoi An.
  • Participants give high ratings to their experience on this pub crawl, highlighting its role in making their visit to Hoi An unforgettable. It stands out for its mix of fun stops such as Uno and Why Not Bar.

What Is Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An?

The Mad Monkey Pub Crawl (hosted by the party hostel Mad Monkey obviously) in Hoi An is an event that comes highly recommended by party backpackers (like me).

Free shots

During the pub crawl, get ready to indulge in free shots at popular bars like UNO and Why Not bar. This is included with your ticket and you also get drink specials at each stop. It’s a fantastic way to kick off the evening adventure, meet new people, and experience the vibrant nightlife of Hoi An without breaking the bank.

So now that you’re excited about those free shots, let’s talk about how you’ll be getting around from place to place.

Transportation by bus

Transportation by bus is included in the package. A comfortable, air-conditioned bus will pick you up from the Mad Monkey Hoi An hostel, allowing everyone to enjoy the night without worrying about getting around.

While on the bus, there’s a lively atmosphere as participants chat, joke, and rage with each other, building excitement for the upcoming stops. 

Meeting fellow backpackers

I mingled with fellow party backpackers from around the world during the Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An. Making new friends was effortless as we bonded over shared travel stories and adventures.

Wearing the Mad Monkey singlet also made it easy to spot other Mad Monkeyers, leading to spontaneous conversations and misdeeds through the entirety on the Crawl.

Booking and Cost

To secure your spot for the Mad Monkey Pub Crawl, simply head to their website and follow the straightforward booking process. It typically costs around $10USD

This fee covers transportation by bus to various popular bars, free shots at each location, as well as exclusive happy hour deals back at the Mad Monkey bar. You also get the legendary Mad Monkey singlet! It’s an affordable way to experience the vibrant nightlife of Hoi An while meeting fellow backpackers.

So, grab your Mad Monkey singlet and get ready for an incredible evening without breaking the bank! Will you make it to the end?

Free Shots At Mad Monkey | Brought to you by Mad Monkey's Instagram

Where Is Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An?

So, after hearing all the rave reviews from fellow travelers, guess what? Mad Monkey Pub Crawl had another ace up its sleeve – it’s perfectly situated halfway between Hoi An’s enchanting UNESCO old town and stunning beaches.

This prime spot means you’re never too far from a historical deep dive or a sun-soaked beach day. Imagine stepping out of your hostel and being greeted with a mix of ancient architecture and ocean breeze – that’s everyday reality here.

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When Is Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An?

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, the Mad Monkey Pub Crawl lights up Hoi An. I doubt this can ever actually sell out, but it’s probably a good idea to get your tickets in advanced just in case. You don’t want to accidentally miss out on this one.

This is how I like to explore the nightlife in any city I visit – one pub at a time.

Partying At Mad Monkey | Brought to you by Mad Monkey's Instagram

Reviews From Other Backpackers

Everyone I spoke to and what I’ve read online rave about the Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An, giving it an overall rating as one of the best experiences in Hoi An.  It’s a blast, with a vibe that captures the essence of Vietnam’s nightlife perfectly. This pub crawl is an absolute must-do for anyone looking to dive deep into Hoi An’s social scene without missing a beat or becoming broke.

What else would you expect? Free shots, bus transportation between bars, and the chance to mingle with fellow backpackers are obvious markers for a good night out. 


  • 8 PM – it’s time to gather in the lively bar area as Happy Hour kicks off, promising the juiciest deals of the night! Don’t forget to don your Pub Crawl singlet for added fun vibes.
  • 11 PM – we’ll bid adieu to Mad Monkey and embark on a leisurely stroll to our first destination, UNO bar, where a complimentary shot awaits to kick off the festivities!
  • After an hour of revelry – hop aboard the free bus for a jaunt to Velvet nightclub, where another round of free shots awaits your arrival.
  • Following an hour – of dancing and merriment, we’ll saunter over to our final hotspot of the evening, Why Not Bar. Yet again, a complimentary shot will greet you before we dive into the excitement within.
  • At 2 AM – It’s home time if you’re lame! The free bus service starts its rounds, ensuring everyone’s safe return or facilitating those eager to continue the night elsewhere. Let the adventure never end!

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What Did We Learn?

Let’s make things easy on you skim readers:

  • Standard Price: $10 USD
  • Best Local Hostel: Mad Monkey Hoi An
  • Dates: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Times: 8:00pm – 2:00am or Whenever
  • Website: Instagram
  • Free Stuff: Includes Mad Monkey singlet, Jägerbomb, a free shot at each bar, and transport to and from Mad Monkey
  • After Party: Kind of?
  • Does it Sell Out: Doubt it
  • How to Get Tickets: Online or in-person
  • What to Bring: Cash
  • What not to Bring: Booze or Drugs – unless you’re super sneaky I guess? But probably shouldn’t
  • Do You Get Wet: Maybe at Mad Monkey, but probably not anywhere else
  • Is there Food and Drink available: Yes
  • What Should You Not Do: Try and get a Grab at the end
Foam Party At Mad Monkey | Brought to you by Mad Monkey's Instagram

Did You Crawl Through All Of The Pubs?

Ready to experience the vibrant nightlife of Hoi An, Vietnam? The Mad Monkey Pub Crawl Hoi An offers a practical and fun way to explore the town’s top bars with fellow backpackers. With free shots, bus transportation, and happy hour deals, it’s an efficient way to make the most of your time in Hoi An. Did you make it to the end?

Wait, did we miss any information that you think would’ve been useful to know? Let us know! These types of parties change all the time, and as much as we’d like to, we can be there every time. Your help helps us help you.

Oh and if you have any wild and debaucherous stories from your Mad Monkey Pub Crawl in Hoi An experience? Share your story for your chance to get featured, and maybe even win a prize…

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