The Ultimate List of Rooftop Bars in Panama City, Panama

Just look at all of those rooftops that may or may not have a bar. There’s like a ton. One crazy fact I want to point out before getting started is that Panama City has the third biggest skyline in all of North America, who’da thought that hey? Only behind New York and Chicago. Unfortunately, many rooftops have closed recently so this list isn’t as plentiful as I wanted it to be. But who knows, maybe more will pop up one day.

Anyways check out the best and most dangerously high up places to get wobbly drunk at on any night in Panama City. Don’t worry, most of the places have railings so you probably won’t fall off them…

Remember that Panama City has Uber and it’s super cheap! Also, keep in mind, these are in no order. Unless I decide to do an order later in which case I’ll delete this paragraph.

The Selina hotels are a hit with younger people (stay at their hostel, you won’t be disappointed), which is exactly why I’m pretty consistent in recommending them across the board.  They cater to a diverse, bohemian crowd in lively, multicultural locations around the globe. Each with its own unique twist, each location is different but they are all fun, and this one is no different. Possibly even among the best Selinas out there!

Casco Viejo Selina is the top party spot in Old City. The energy is constant at all three levels. It has a rooftop bar up top with incredible food and even better views. Plus there’s a party there every night of the week.

It’s very spacious and tropical, giving you the feeling of being on the beach. You will enjoy the full experience, including a pool and a full bar. You can enjoy drinks with your friends, listen to DJs or have a relaxing evening (at the bar on the bottom floor.

This is why it’s one of the most popular rooftop bars in Casco Viejo.

If you look closely you can see the infinity pool

I bet this one is going to get me some flak! Regardless of your opinion about the ex-president, the building has an incredible view of the city. It also boasts an awesome infinity pool. It’s definitely not for those who are scared of heights.

Panaviera has a breathtaking view that will make you envy all those who have gotten to experience it. You will be able to claim that you were able to see the sunset from one of the most prominent pools in Panama or Central America. 

I’m sure this goes without saying, but you’ll have to look sharp and bring your big boy wallet.

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Panaviera is a great place to enjoy the sunset over Panama City. You can also grab a bite or pre-drink before you head off to other places. Enjoy freshly made ceviche dos mares, guacamole and passion fruit mojitos. The pool bar is open every day, and a DJ plays Latin American music every Wednesday through Saturday.

Funny enough, I’ve never actually been here. The one time I tried I was with a big group of blacked-out non-Spanish speaking solo travellers and we got lost in the labyrinth that is this building with no help coming our way. Apparently, the staff wasn’t a fan of us wandering around aimlessly for 30 minutes going up and down a bunch of different elevators trying to figure out which one was right. So, eventually, we got kicked out. I hope you guys enjoy the view though!

If you do hate Trump, I think Panama has your back. I guess it’s okay to visit then! Just call it The Tower.

Casa Casco refers to the whole building. The first three floors are home to three independent restaurants, Mano de Tigre, Nacion Sushi, and Marula. The nightclub of the building is on the fourth floor, called Casco Club. You can ignore all of that, because this is a rooftop bar article, and none of those are that. But on the fifth floor, that’s where the fun begins. Upon arrival on the rooftop, you will be asked whether you prefer the sea or the city view. Trust me, this is an extremely difficult question to answer.

It offers a spectacular view of Casco Viejo, the old town which is extremely amazing to look at with its European architecture. This spot is very popular among tourists and locals. You can dine, drink, and dance through all five of the floors. Doesn’t sound like such a bad night now does it?

I guess it’s worth pointing out that the four floors beneath the rooftop are also great to check out as well. You might just have to spend a couple of nights here to fully experience what the building has to offer. It has a total of 5 experiences within reach of the Casa Casco building: 3 restaurants, a club and a rooftop bar.

However, this place will burn a hole in your wallet.

More In Panama City, Panama

Picture from My Guide Panama

Lazotea is the first Panama City rooftop bar to have a swimming pool, which is obviously no longer the case. But it’s still an awesome title to claim! And above everything else, it still has an incredible view.

If you want to enjoy a true Panamanian-style meal while sipping amazing cocktails and looking up at the city skyline this is the place to go. It’s got all the food and drink that you could ask for, but what sets it apart, is that you can smoke a hookah! For all you whiskey drinkers out there, this place is especially for you.

This spot is very popular and you will find many people to dance with. Don’t be afraid to indulge in some drinks before the nighttime crowd comes in. You can also enjoy their famous rooftop pool parties if you are lucky enough to be there in the summer.

One of Panama City’s bars is located at the entrance to Casco Viejo. It offers a stunning view of the Pacific and lures many unsuspecting tourists with its beauty. Capital Bistro offers a stunning outdoor bar right on the water’s edge. This is a magical evening with its signature cocktails and the stunning ocean view.

BITS or Bar In The Sky is at the top of the Hard Rock Hotel This extravagant bar offers nightlife high above the city. It’s merely 62 floors above the ground. I think it’s safe to say that it boasts some indescribably mind-boggling views. Have you ever drank 62 storeys above ground before? Be honest, and let’s not include drinking on a plane.

The glass walls offer a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. And of course, it has live music as well.

No two nights at BITS are the same, so it is worth checking this place out more than once throughout your stay in Panama City to see what the night’s themes are.

The Numen Gastro Lounge offers a variety of beers and cocktails. You can unwind after a tiring day, or kick-start your evening with a glass or two of their bubbly sangria. This rooftop bar is located on top of the La Concordia Boutique Hotel. The iconic La Concordia building is located in the Historic District.

At one point this was one of the tallest buildings in the city. Obviously, that’s no longer the case considering the sheer size of Panama City’s downtown sector, but still an interesting historic fact nonetheless! The building was leased for use as a hotel in the late 1800s.

Panama City has year-round great poolside weather (except when it pours rain out of nowhere) and a cocktail is a great way to take in the beautiful, warm air. The W Panama Hotel’s Wet Deck is a great addition to the city’s nightlife. You can view the stunning city skyline from the W Panama, which is also surrounded by city skyscrapers. Here you can even watch the sunset.

The Wet Deck, as the name implies, is a rooftop bar and pool that allows you to take in Panama’s tropical climate while sipping tropical cocktails. If you’re not down for swimming, you can always lounge in the cabanas.

Google Maps Location – I can’t find it :(. I’ll try again when I’m sober… maybe. I’ll probably forget if I’m being real with y’all.

Gatto Blanco has a warm and intimate atmosphere and hosts live music every Tuesday. Women can enjoy a glass of wine for $1 on Wednesdays.

The small rooftop bar is located in Casco Viejo near Panama City Cathedral and other historical sites. You can easily chill out and grab a drink here after a day of sightseeing. The space is cozy and you can enjoy it while you chat with friends or other tourists. The furniture can be arranged so that it is comfortable for intimate conversations.

Bring your own instrument if you feel like jamming. Although, I suspect most backpackers didn’t bring their guitars with them. But if you did, more power to ya! DJs play electronic music late at night to keep the party going till three in the morning.

Although it isn’t the largest rooftop bar on this list it has great views and a lot of good vibes.

Tantalo is a must visit if you’re a fan of rooftop bars. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you miss out on this experience. This is the most famous rooftop bar and club in Casco Viejo, Panama. The rooftop terrace is the crown jewel of this boutique hotel. It boasts many exquisite culinary creations that will blow your mind. Maybe you need to have a couple more drinks if you’re not feeling up to what you’re seeing on the menu. Get adventurous!

Tantalo Panama hosts a variety of nightly events, including Tuesday art nights, Latin night every Wednesday, and Glam night Thursdays. You may want to dress nicely for this one.

Tantalo has been a fixture in the Old City since its 2012 beginnings.

Do you think having fun involves partying in high-energy environments? Salvaje is the place for you then. Even though it just opened fairly recently in 2018, it quickly become one of the top rooftops in this rooftop bar-filled city. So that’s gotta mean something right?

Salvaje is the perfect place for lovers of Latin American, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines.

This rooftop bar offers cocktails and liquor in fun glasses. Enjoy the wide variety of music from the night’s latest DJ. As the night progresses, expect the place to become more lively and full of people. Immerse yourself in Panama City’s social scene.

Wait is it a barbershop, a tattoo studio, or a club? Psshh, it’s all three. It’s Compadre Barber’s Club! Have you never heard of this incredible combination before? Cause I sure hadn’t until this place. The best way to change your appearance with a new tattoo or haircut is after you’ve had a couple of drinks soaking in your liver.

Each floor is its own adventure. Men can have haircuts and shaves on the first floor, with free beer. You’ll find a tattoo studio and piercing shop just a few steps up. The third floor is home to a vintage museum. Finally, their rooftop bar is located at the top with amazing views of Casco’s skyline and surrounding areas. The rooftop is quite small considering its narrow width. Compadre has everything you need for a great and adventurous night out.

Did You Fall?

This article was way longer than I expected so I don’t even know if the joke heading of this section will be funny anymore, but I got nothing else.

Did any rooftop bar stand out to you more than the others? Did some actually not have railings? Let us know.

Oh and be sure to keep coming back to this site or whatever for all of your abroad party news. That’s probably a good enough plug for this post right?

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