Portugal Lit Tips

Drugs: Fairly Strict

Rideshare options: Uber (Apple, Android)
Bolt (Apple, Android)
FREE NOW (Apple, Android)

Visa: 90 days visa free for most nationalities

Best Months: March – May

Drinking Age: 18

Best Party:

Rock in Rio-Lisboa (June)

General USD Conversion: $1 = 0.87 Euro

Low Monthly Budget: ~ $1,500/mo

Language: Portuguese

Tap Water: Drinkable

Outlets: Types C & F

Safety Level: Very Safe

Party Ranking: 4 Stars

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Portugal Lit Tips

Drugs: Fairly Strict

Rideshare options: Uber (Apple, Android)
Bolt (Apple, Android)
FREE NOW (Apple, Android)

Visa: 90 days visa free for most nationalities

Best Months: March – May

Drinking Age: 18

Best Party:

Rock in Rio-Lisboa (June)

General USD Conversion: $1 = 0.87 Euro

Low Monthly Budget: ~ $1,500/mo

Language: Portuguese

Tap Water: Drinkable

Outlets: Types C & F

Safety Level: Very Safe

Party Ranking: 4 Stars

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Albufeira Beach During Daytime


Wild & Company

The Wild & Company Bar in the heart of the city is a unique spot. This place is full of excitement with live music and dancers from the “Crazy Horse Show” style. Enjoy great shows, such as freestyle bartending while enjoying a cocktail from their extensive list.


Libertos Club

The Libertos Club is an oasis of excellence, glamour, sophistication. The club is surrounded by a sophisticated atmosphere that transcends the attractiveness of celebrities from the world of sports and international fashion. Libertos Bar is decorated with a relaxing and unique Buddha-inspired design. All the latest music trends are brought to you by the top DJs.


Le Club

Le Club is Albufeira’s most luxurious nightlife. The newly renovated club is located on Santa Eulalia Beach and hosts the best DJs. This club has won the Portugal Night Awards for Best Club. It can accommodate 600 people and has two dance floors, a terrace, as well as a lounge area.


Matt’S Bar

Matt’s Bar in Lisbon is a classic. This bar has been offering the best nights every week for 17 years. What can you expect to find? An immense terrace. You will be astonished by the best music from both national and international scenes. VIP areas are available that will make you feel like royalty. Weekly themes, the best DJs, boat parties, and a mechanical bull will all make for an unforgettable night! You will find all this and more when you visit Matt’S. It will make for a memorable night!


Kiss Disco Club

It has been completely renovated and is now considered the epicentre for all the madness in the Portuguese capital. The club’s new image is made up of light, music, and live video. You can also find 4 separate areas that are private and reserved for you, each with its own individual design. On the second floor, you will find a “Lounge Club Marrakech”. KISS is a top-ranking DJ collective that features national and international acts, parties, and many other internationally renowned events.


Club Vida

Albufeira’s club, Enter la Vida Loca, was a huge success from the moment it opened. Club Vida is a lovely club with beautiful lighting and interiors. If you want to have access to the best party in town, flip-flops will not be allowed. You can expect to hear the hottest sounds of hip-hop, techno, and house from popular DJs.

Party Hostels

Son of a Beach Hostel

Son of a Beach Hostel will make sure you have a great time on your beach vacation! Albufeira is renowned for its legendary nightlife. There is no better place to get the party started than the bar at this hostel. Son of a beach hostel is more than a bar. The outdoor terrace is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun, while also chatting with other backpackers. You will feel right at home in Albufeira with the shared kitchen and lounges.

Peneco Albuferia Hotel

It is an inexpensive and convenient way to get easy access to all tourist attractions. Only a minute away from Albufeira’s famous beach. You will find great restaurants, shops, and a wide variety of bars and clubs within walking distance. All rooms have air conditioning and bathrooms. The Ale-Hop Albufeira features a lounge, a kitchen and a terrace with a view of the historic heart of the famous seaside resort. The check-in time is very limited so make sure you confirm the times before you book. The staff is friendly and helpful, and bed linens and towels can be arranged.

Rich & Poor Hostel

The Rich & Poor Hostel can be found in a central location in the heart of Old Town. The hostel has undergone a complete renovation to provide guests with superior comfort. It is only a minute walk from the main beach and just steps from the vibrant city center. The hostel is close to all the amenities you need, including shopping and beaches, bars, restaurants, popular attractions, and great nightlife. Rich & Poor offers a terrace and a snack bar as well as a shared lounge, ticketing service, and a tour desk. Your stay includes bed linens and towels. The staff is friendly and helpful. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and the rooms are well-maintained. The rich and poor hostel’s location is a favourite part of many people.


Praia da Coelha

Visit Albufeira’s beautiful beaches is one of the most enjoyable things to do. I recommend Praia da Coelha as my top pick.

Rabbit Beach, located approximately 6 km (3.7 mi) west Albufeira Old Town is a stunning beach with golden sand and seashells. It also has crystal-clear turquoise waters.

It is a Blue Flag beach with lifeguards and stand-up paddleboarding. You can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas.

Raised wooden walkways lead you to the west end of the beach. From there, follow the water’s edge to reach the quieter sections of Praia da Coelha.

You can also take a walk along the trail that runs through the hills, and discover hidden coves.


Albufeira’s stunning beaches are surrounded by a coastline of caves. Water is the only way to reach many of these. This is where you’ll find many companies that offer stand-up paddleboard, kayak and canoe excursions.

Your guide will instruct you on safety and provide expert guidance. In many cases, your guide will also be equipped with a GoPro to record a souvenir of your trip.

Albufeira’s west beaches have waves that are easily surfable. The consistent breezes make it possible to do windsurfing or kitesurfing nearly every day.

Park Adventura

You can find them all at the adventure park Olhos de Agua just east of Albufeira. There are a variety of courses in the park, each with varying difficulty levels. 

Zoomarine Algrave

Zoomarine Algarve is the only wildlife rehabilitation center in the area if you are concerned about animal welfare. You can also find habitats for many animals, including alligators, tropical birds, and arenas for seal/sea-lion presentations, birds of prey, and dolphins.

These shows include stunt performers, a 4D Cinema, pools, wave beach and rapid rivers, as well as water slides in the waterpark.


Gypsy Markets

Gypsy market selling fake cameras, gold chains, video camcorders and fake drugs (regarding the drugs thing, the police cannot charge them with peddling fake drugs because they’re fake drugs).


Petition Charity

A scammer pretending that he is deaf and blind asks you to sign an agreement. You will need to fill in your name, email, and amount.

The form will be ready for you to fill out with your names and the highest donation amount. Don’t donate and you may be harassed, or distracted by an accomplice who will steal from your donation.


Portugal’s unofficial car parking attendants

As you enter a car park someone points you to a spot and asks for a tip. Some pose as guards/pretend that they are looking after your car, and then ask for a tip.

Once you get out of your car, one distracts and steals your valuables/bags. 

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Cliffside in Lago


Whytes Bar

Whytes offers the best of both. There’s a relaxed atmosphere upstairs, where you can chat with your friends. Downstairs…well, the music is blasting, and you are encouraged to dance on the tables. For a chance to win some drinks, play a game called “Beat the Bartender” on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. The bartender and you both must roll a die. If your roll is higher than theirs, your drink will be free.


Three Monkeys

This backpackers’ hostel is affordable and offers the opportunity to represent your country in a highly competitive sport: downing beer bongs. You can add a few to your international leaderboard by getting under a tube and letting your friends pour. After that, you can reward yourself with a shot or an espresso martini, or a glass draft sangria. Although it is most popular for late-night parties, there are perks like a darts board and live sports, as well as a pool table, making it a popular spot for early evening.


The Tavern

Are you stuck on what to do on Tuesday nights? The Tavern can help. You will be attacked, in a good way, immediately as soon as you walk through the doors. Neon Night is a safe place to be! Get your face painted in bright colours, grab glow-in-the-dark accessories, and enjoy a refreshing drink. If you feel super committed to the party, make sure to wear something white.

If not, I guarantee you’ll spend at most half an hour laughing with your friends at your ridiculous smile.


Shaker Bar

Another place in Old Town is the Shaker Bar, a simple and cheerful bar that remains open until 4am even in the off-season. Their famous caipirinha is made with fresh limes. You can find live music on several occasions throughout the week, and you will also find a few tables for people-watching outside, along one of Lagos’s main thoroughfares.


Stevie Rays

The place starts out as a great place to hear live blues and jazz, but it becomes a party spot for late-night revellers. If you are feeling energetic and want to watch the people, there is a balcony upstairs that has a dance floor.


Joe’s Garage

Joe’s is the first place you’ll see when you enter. A beer pong ball will be flying towards you. Get involved in the fun! While you can host a game on any day of the week, those who consider themselves beer pong experts should come to the tournament on Sunday. It’s as serious and competitive sounding as it is. You have the chance to win a EUR50 Bar tab. Joe’s also has insane Wednesday foam parties.


Grand Cafe

Now, we’re going to the after-party. After the bars close, you can make your way to Rua Da Senhora da Graca. There won’t be any super clubs, but Grand Cafe, which can be found on this street, is the most famous of all the clubs in Lagos. You won’t want to leave the club, as there’s always a live DJ playing the best bass tunes. You’re sure to find a refreshing break from the exclusive, dressy atmosphere that many clubs in European cities offer. You won’t be turned away by singlets or flip-flops, and there won’t be a penny taken out of your savings.

Party Hostels

Rising Cock Party Hostel

This top hostel in Lagos is still going strong after it was founded in 2004. Its longevity speaks volumes about the hostel’s quality. It’s the best party hostel in Lagos thanks to its amazing staff, friendly atmosphere, and huge sun terrace where you can relax after a hard day.

If you are looking for a great time at one of Lagos’ best hostels, Rising Cock is the right place for you. This hostel is clean and very tidy. It’s possible to party all night, meet amazing people, and still be clean and fresh the entire time.


JJs Yard

Staff are often the highlight of a hostel stay. This hostel is highly recommended in Lagos. They are funny and knowledgeable about Lagos. We also love the tours and pub crawls they offer.

JJs Yard is a fun place to stay in Lagos. The hostel is a budget option in Lagos that offers a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable.


Sol A Sol Hostel

A party hostel does not have to be chaotic all the time. We love it when a hostel has both a fun atmosphere and a relaxed vibe. Sol A Sol is a Lagos backpackers hostel that we really like.

This Lagos hostel is for you if you enjoy the sounds of having fun at the beach, rooftop barbecues, and nightly bar crawls. The staff make this place even more social by offering ‘family dinners’ which are a great way to meet other travellers.

Bura Surfhouse

This Lagos party hostel is open-plan and features a pool with a bar and rooftop terrace. The breakfast is included and the in-house chef will make sure that you have a delicious meal. We like the dorms’ simple, clean design and the boutique-style private rooms.

Bura Surfhouse is an excellent choice if you are looking for a comfortable, friendly hostel that is also a great party spot. The delicious breakfast is a must-try for foodies. This top hostel is located in Lagos’ old town.


Cloud 9 Party Hostel

We love the social aspect of this hostel in Lagos. You can enjoy nightly activities and a large rooftop terrace that is great for meeting new friends. The location is also great, being in the old town and near the beach.

Cloud 9 is a great choice for those who value location in a hostel. Cloud 9 is located close to the strip.


Kayak to Secret Spots

It is a wonderful experience to kayak along the stunning Lagos coast and surrounding areas. You will find it much more relaxing than a full-day boat ride. If you have the time, you can even go to hidden beaches and coves from your kayak.

Make sure you have enough water and sunscreen to last the day.

Ride a Hovercraft

Hovercrafts can be used on roads, ice, snow, and water. There are three types to test these amazing vehicles in Lagos.

Scuba Dive

Portugal is a great place to go scuba diving. You will find plenty to see in Lagos, and you can take your certificate with you or test dive with an instructor.

There are many underwater caves and limestone islands that offer rich biodiversity. There are many dive centers to choose from.

Paddleboard Where Only Paddleboards Can go

Stand-up paddleboarding can be a great way to see the coast from the ocean side. You can explore hidden coves and beaches that you wouldn’t be able to reach on a boat trip.

I recommend that you take a paddleboarding tour with a local guide if you are new to the sport. They will help you learn the basics and show you the best spots, so you can focus on your board.

The Benagail Cave

Benagil Cave is the most well-known cave in Portugal. This cave is stunning with sinkholes that let the sunshine through the ceiling, illuminating the beach inside.

You can see the cave best if you paddleboard or kayak from Benagil Beach in the early morning before the boat rides begin. The cave beach will be crowded with boats once the boats begin to run.

Go on a Boat

It is worth taking a boat ride around Lagos to see the natural caves and cliffs. Hidden beaches and natural arches have been created by millions of years of waves crashing through limestone cliffs. They can only be accessed by kayak, boat, or stand-up paddleboard.

If you’re interested in wildlife viewing, there are dolphin sightseeing tours that are well worth the effort.

Learn to Surf

Lagos is a great place to learn to surf year-round as it is sunny most of the time and the temperatures don’t drop too much. There are many surf schools available, as well as beaches that offer great waves for beginners.

You can rent a surfboard if you are already proficient in surfing and meet local surfers at the beach.


Ponta da Piedade

The views from the cliffs are breathtaking. You can see Carvoeiro and Sagres.


Being so close to Albufeira, they basically have the same scams for the area.

Gypsy Markets

Gypsy market selling fake cameras, gold chains, video camcorders and fake drugs (regarding the drugs thing, the police cannot charge them with peddling fake drugs because they’re fake drugs).


Petition Charity

A scammer pretending that he is deaf and blind asks you to sign an agreement. You will need to fill in your name, email, and amount.

The form will be ready for you to fill out with your names and the highest donation amount. Don’t donate and you may be harassed, or distracted by an accomplice who will steal from your donation.


Portugal’s unofficial car parking attendants

As you enter a car park someone points you to a spot and asks for a tip. Some pose as guards/pretend that they are looking after your car, and then ask for a tip.

Once you get out of your car, one distracts and steals your valuables/bags. 

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Lisbon at Night


Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto doesn’t exist in one location. It is a whole neighbourhood that includes a variety of bars, clubs and cafes. It’s easy to get lost barhopping among the lively crowds, as there are venues like the LGBTQ-friendly Purex or the exclusive Maria Caxuxa. Galeria Ze dos Bois is an independent venue that hosts some of the best alternative live-music performances in town.


Titanic Sur Mer

Titanic is Lisbon’s newest nightclub. It was once a fish market, which is not surprising considering it is just a few steps from the riverbank. The venue hosts Portuguese musicians every night. It also hosts some of the most popular events in the city.



The Tokyo Jazz Club is located on Pink Street, Cais do Sodre. It offers high-quality live music every night, with many artists coming here on weekends to jam out in impromptu sessions. Friday night is a popular time to visit, as the place attracts an older crowd.



You may have heard of this club before you even visited Lisbon. The terraces at the nightclub are located on the Santa Apolonia docks. They offer a stunning view of the Tagus. The Lux hosts international and national DJs, as well as artists of different musical styles. It is difficult to get inside during rush hour, especially at night. Be well-dressed, and don’t bring only men.



Incognito in Sao Bento is still a great place to go for an alternative night out, even though it’s over three decades old. This small dance floor is packed with indie, new-wave, and post-punk fans.


Lux Fragil

Lux Fragil, Lisbon’s most popular club, hosts a host of top-name DJs and rising international talent every week.

The two-floored listed building, which boasts a river-view terrace, decadent interiors and a beastly Funktion-One sound system, draws from a dancefloor-delighting palette of house, disco, techno and everything in between. Helena Hauff and DJ Sprinkles were past performers. Live and experimental acts are also occasionally featured. Thursdays are a good time to see leftfield artists, while Fridays and Saturdays can be crowded. Be aware of large groups of drunken people queuing up and keep in mind that Lisbon’s nightlife is late-night.


Lust in Rio

Lust in Rio is a little more expensive than most of Lisbon’s clubs. This is the place to go if you are looking for beautiful, trendy people. You must dress appropriately for the bouncers. Lust is a bar and restaurant that offers a unique view of the riverside, while also catering to different groups. It’s located near Cais do Sodre. Every night features a different theme. Wednesday’s Swag On is for hip-hop and R&B fans. Thursday’s Pegadinha is for Brazilian funk lovers.


K Urban Beach

Urban is a popular destination for young people. This club is located in Santos and boasts one of Lisbon’s most stunning outside areas. You can enjoy a meal at one of two restaurants, as well as spectacular views of Ponte 25 de Abril from the wooden terrace. Then dance until 6am.


Cinco Lounge

Cinco is low-lit and elegant. It’s quiet enough for conversation, yet comfortable enough to lounge on a banquette with pillows. It has glass tables and curtains that cover the floor give it a mysterious, elegant feel. Cinco has been a local favourite for over 15 years. They offer a variety of cocktails, including wine and non-boozy drinks. Both the classics and more playful drinks are excellent here.

Party Hostels

Gspot Party Hostel

G-Spot Party Hostel is a top-rated party hostel in Lisbon. It’s a great choice for travellers, cultural enthusiasts, and professional party-goers. G-Spot Party Hostel – Lisbon offers family dinners, happy hours drinks, nightly pub crawls and free breakfasts with toast and tea. You can also relax in the hostel’s large common area, which is equipped with comfortable couches. You can get discounts on tours, festivals, drinks, and shots at bars. You will have access to the most popular clubs in Lisbon. The hostel is centrally located in Lisbon’s historic downtown, just steps from Avenida da Liberdade. This neighbourhood holds the record for having the most bars and clubs, with over 200 of them. 

Urban Garden Hostel

The Urban Garden Hostel offers a wonderful place to meet other travellers, relax, and have fun. There are so many amenities that you can enjoy: free breakfast, free dinners; walking distance to the metro; free sheets; free wi-fi; nightly activities like pub crawls and other social events. You can also get luggage storage free of charge for people who have early or late trains or flights.

Highly recommended.

GoodMorning Solo Traveller Hostel

Why is this hostel so amazing? It could be because they give an hour of power every night, which includes free-flowing beverages. Or maybe it’s because the hostel is one of the most popular in Portugal.

You can either stay in or go out drinking, but it’s not a completely mental hostel. Yes, it will be a wild night with all the people you meet but it is CIVILIZED.

Sunset Destination Hostel

The outdoor pool is just the beginning of Sunset Destination’s many offerings for party goers who want to make the town their own. The hostel’s Zebra Bar offers a variety of options: enjoy happy hour with free drinks, dance to organized DJ nights or just grab some delicious snacks.

Sunset Destination is the perfect place to party at the club! It’s located in Lisbon’s entertainment district. This means you are only minutes from the most exciting bars and clubs in town.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Yes! Lisbon Hostel hosts parties almost every night of the week. You can get beer discounts, and you can also find cheap wine. It’s a diverse crowd, but everyone is there to have fun. There is plenty of space in the hostel, including a room with beanbag chairs and a common area. The hostel even offers a king-sized bed under the TV for those who are unable to return to their rooms. The bar is open late into the evening. If you are travelling solo and looking for people to have a good time with, this is the ideal place to stay.

There are many free events at the hostel, including pub crawls, group dinners, and walking tours. If you are travelling in peak season, make your reservations as soon as possible.



Lisbon, like Rome, was built on seven hills. The city planners created a series of funicular railways, which were not like Rome. It is a joy to ride some of these tracks, such as the Ascensor do Lavra that dates back to the late 1800s. This track has been given a national heritage label.

The Ascensor da Biica also runs along the narrow cobbled lanes of Largo do Calhariz.

We must not forget about the Santa Justa Elevator, which takes people from Baixa up to Carmo with breathtaking views of Lisbon’s downtown.

Eat at the Counter at a Cevicheria

After a day of shopping in Bairro Alto or Principe Real, you can stop by A Cevicheria for lunch. Ceviche, a Peruvian dish, is the main course. It’s served with Portuguese flair and flavours. 

You can get a seat at the counter to watch the chefs create dishes with precision. This is the place to go if you enjoy a dramatic lunch. It also has a huge octopus attached to its roof. 

Lisbon Oceanarium

The huge Lisbon Oceanarium is located in the Tagus Estuary’s blue waters. It rises like an enormous aircraft carrier. The structure contains a variety of exhibits about marine life that draw in more than one million people each year.

Drink some Ginjinha

Ginjinha, a Portuguese liquor that is similar to a cherry-alike fruit, costs just 1 euro. You can also have it with a cherry or chocolate wafer.

It’s most well-known in A Ginjinha (at Rossio Largo de Sao Domingos 8), but it’s also popular in many other cafes around Praca da Figueira.

Endless beaches

It’s a short drive across Ponte de Abril, on the Tagus River, to reach Costa da Caparica, a highly regarded and sought-after summer resort. This is located on the northern edge of Setubal and gives you unrivalled access to some of our most beautiful sandy spots near the capital.

You will find empty stretches with acacia-backed dunes here, as well as swaying seagrasses. All of this is washed away by challenging surf.

The most popular beaches are located closest to the town, while the narrow-gauge railway transports travellers further along the coast to more remote coves and sunbathing areas.

More surfing!

Get a board and wax it. You might also want to wear a pair of board shorts or a wetsuit if you are going to be in the water where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Tagus Estuary. It’s where most wave riders in the capital will retreat on weekends.

There are some difficult left-to-right waves, and many tour operators offer lessons on the swells. These are great for beginners who want to get away from the city’s beaches.


Restaurant Scam

Because it is easy to fall for, the restaurant scam is one of the most serious scams currently in Portugal. It’s currently only in Baixa, and only one restaurant is involved: Made in Correeiros at Rua dos Correeiros. The business’s name may change from time to time.

This scam involves tourists being given a menu that does not include the prices for drinks or specials for that day. People assume that a beer or glass of wine will be less expensive than EUR5 and that specials will cost approximately the same as other items on their menu. They don’t. Reports have indicated that people pay more than EUR50 for beer and EUR250 for seafood platters. The food isn’t good either.

Despite numerous complaints and international headlines, the Portuguese authorities have not been able to shut down the place. This scam is not currently being used in Lisbon, but it could be copied by other restaurants around the globe. Before ordering, always verify the price.


The Bill’s Extra Item

You might find an additional item in your bill when you go to Portugal’s restaurants. Although the cost of this extra item can vary, it is usually between EUR2-5. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s certainly not the most elaborate scam ever devised, but no one likes being ripped off. This is more likely if you have a large bill that includes many items and if your destination is touristy.

Talk to your waiter and they will immediately remove it. They don’t question it. They just tell you it was an honest error and then send back a corrected bill.

It doesn’t happen every day, and only a few restaurants have it, but it does occur from time to time. It’s not something that happens all the time so it’s easy for people to forget about it.



I have seen the petitions scam in every European capital. It’s something I’ve seen in Lisbon and it’s also been reported in the Algarve.

Most often, people are asked to sign petitions by deaf or mute people. People will usually say yes, as petitions almost never concern anything negative. Sign your name and enter your e-mail address. Then, there is another column to make a donation. Some forms may even require a minimum donation amount.

Although petitions do not usually require donations, the scam is intended to make people feel pressured and forced to donate. It is obvious that the people who ask for it are dumb and deaf.



Sometimes, men will direct you to a space in a parking lot. Many people tip a few Euros to these men in return for helping you find a spot and watching over your car.

Although many see it as a scam, this is not a fraud. This is a common practice in Portugal, Spain, and South Africa. Although most people pay it, there is no obligation. I believe that many people would prefer to pay the bill than risk having their car keys stolen.


Euronet ATMs

Euronet ATMs will charge you a large transaction fee. Typically, it’s between 7.5% to 20% on any withdrawal. For example, withdrawing EUR20 will cost EUR3.95. Although ATMs may charge fees, this is not necessarily a fraud. There are many ATMs that charge such fees. Euronet ATMs are included on this list because they do not tell you you will be charged a fee to use the ATM. You will see the full extent of what has happened when you check your bank statements later. ATMs are popping up all across Portugal. They are being found in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve and the Azores. They are also common at airports such as Porto Airport or Ponta Delgada Airport. It was actually difficult to find an ATM in Ponta Delgada Airport that isn’t a Euronet ATM.


“Hashish Marijuana, Cocaine”

Lisbon, Porto and even the Algarve are home to men who will often walk by and say “hashish marijuana, cocaine” – they can be seen everywhere there are tourists.

Some people have claimed that these men are working with the police and are waiting for you to be put in jail or take a bribe. 

Even if you don’t get arrested you can expect to be sold licorice, or washed up power, in lieu of cocaine or hash.


Holiday Rentals

It used to be much more common for holiday rental scams to occur. It used to be that people would arrive at their villa in Portugal only to discover it wasn’t there. Although it is still something to be aware of, it seems less problematic.

They can also pay attention to reviews for villas or self-catering apartments. Although fake reviews can exist, there are some signs that a villa or apartment is new or being offered for sale.

Although scams still exist when renting holiday homes, they are less common than once.



The waiter will usually place some items on your table when you sit down in a Portuguese restaurant: butter, bread, sardine paste and shrimp paste. Sometimes, there are Algarve carrots.

This is called the couverture and is not a fraud. Although you are legally required to ask if you would like the couverture, it doesn’t always happen.

You can return anything that you don’t like, even the entire thing. You can see the entire menu and decide if you want it. The majority of people choose the cover because it allows them to grab something while they wait for their meal.

Some places have brought over plates of cheese and meats that cost EUR5 each. Some tourists will say yes to everything and end up paying EUR20+ euros for the cover.

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